12 Things I See Happy People Do (that unhappy people do not)

I love the thoughts this pastor presents here. So many of his points are directly in line with things I’d like to bring up in upcoming posts here on One True Chord.

I must admit to you that I have spent way too many years of my life being something less than a happy person. I’m not proud of that. The good news is that I can honestly say that in my current chapter, the one I’ve been living for nearly a decade now, I have found a deep and abiding happiness. What’s more, it’s proven to be pretty unshakable! And I have to agree with him that it is totally a choice – or a series of choices. Learning how to craft those choices into a lifestyle has changed my life and brought healing to my family.

Thanks, Pastor Bishop, for sharing these vital points with us.

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

I have been thinking a lot about happiness of late, partially because so many people seem unhappy.  I think that was my first epiphany upon entering the world of Social Media; people are unhappy and there are a lot of them.  Now don’t get me wrong, we all know some people who wouldn’t be happy, were they not unhappy but I am not talking about them.  We will just let them be.  I am also not thinking theologically here (i.e. juxtaposing happiness and joy), today I am going to err on the practical and pragmatic side of things.  With that being said, let’s get going.

I think most people want to be happy; they are just not quite sure how to get there from their present location.  Many people honestly believe that happiness is a lucky bounce; a sunny disposition or favorable circumstances but I disagree.  Happiness is a choice…

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