Day 1: A Signature

I was blessed to grow up in a musical home. My very earliest memory is of blissfully falling asleep at night to the gentle sounds of my mother playing the piano. (Did I ever tell her that?) Such a sweet memory.

This is Day 1 of my first blog. I decided long ago that when this day came, I would choose the name One True Chord. This blog isn’t really about music. But the content of my posts will be closely tied to the many things I know to be true in the music world. My purpose is to provide a forum to explore how the individual notes of each life come together to form a perfect chord: the one true chord which is my signature – and your signature – in the world.

Each chord is unique. Each one is meant to be played in such a way that it will touch the lives of those around us in a meaningful way. In it we not only find our center, but also our purpose. It is only as we play the music given to us that we make our intended mark in the world.

I believe it was my grandfather who first paved the way for me to explore meaning – and to establish it – through the written word. During his long lifetime, he wrote copious letters to his children from the time they were first born, well into their adult lives. He wrote about everything and nothing, just to share his everyday events, thoughts, and perceptions with the ones he loved most in the world. After retirement he filled volumes with our family history, dating back to the first immigrant who came to these shores from Germany in the 1740s. He often wrote that he didn’t think anyone would ever care to read the history he had compiled. Nevertheless, he chose to write it because it was important to him to document our roots.

Little did he know that I would one day devour his words and cherish them. I not only cherish his words and his commitment to write them; I also cherish the gift he bequeathed to me as his granddaughter. In some magical way that escapes my understanding, he opened the way for me to become a writer – and to start this blog today.

I am glad you have joined me here. Today is Day One of our shared journey towards meaning. Together we will discover what it means to play the notes of our lives within the integrity of our personal One True Chord.

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