About This Blog

This blog has been ‘in percolation’ for a few years now, but I’m just now taking the plunge. A little about me and my blog:

I’m a teacher by profession, a language learner by passion, and a mom and grandma by blessing. With a childhood in France, I fell in love with all things language at a very early age. After spending many years in the classroom, I started a business as a full time writer and editor in 2013. My market has been those who need a second pair of eyes or a touch of polish on their written materials. One year ago I was asked to come back to teach French in my local high school. So at the moment, during the school year, teaching French is my main ‘gig’. But in my heart, I am a writer, and am very excited about starting this blog.

I envision this as a place where my readers and I can explore those things which are central to who we are – those things which influence us to choose our own personal ‘road less traveled’. And so much more!

Please join me!

(I will be adding to this ‘About’ page as we move forward. This is just a start.)

If you are interested, you may read more about my writer’s life @ http://www.TheLanguageAmbassador.com